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There are many roads to effective intercultural interaction – just as cultures differ, so do people

If you want to support your clients in playing to their strengths and navigating around pitfalls, you can now become certified to use the Intercultural Readiness Check. The Intercultural Readiness Check captures four intercultural competences, which can be trained and developed.

Intercultural Sensitivity
The degree to which a person takes an active interest in others, their cultural background, needs and perspectives.
Building Commitment
The degree to which a person actively influences the social environment, concerned with integrating different people and personalities.
Intercultural Communication
The degree to which a person actively monitors own communicative behaviours.
Managing Uncertainty
The degree to which a person is able to manage the greater uncertainty of intercultural situations.

Individuals receive written personal feedback with detailed suggestions for development.

The IRC helps your clients to better understand how they currently approach intercultural interactions. What do they do well, what will they find difficult, and how can you support them in developing the intercultural competences they need? The IRC is ideally suited for intercultural trainings, coaching, expatriate briefings and benchmarking across industries. It can be accessed online and is available in English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese.

The IRC is one of the few intercultural tools tested for reliability and validity.

Of the reliable and valid intercultural assessment tools, the IRC offers an ideal combination of being practical, uncomplicated, and solid. Already in 2001, the IRC was rated as one of the two best tools on the market (Wiersinga, 2001). Over the past 15 years, more than 45,000 respondents from all over the world filled in the IRC, making the IRC database one of the largest sources of information on intercultural competences world-wide. The database has been analyzed in four major studies to monitor the quality of the instrument and to gain new insights into intercultural competence development. Reliability checks involving a massive re-analysis of answers from more than 13,000 respondents were used to develop the new and improved IRC 2.0.

IRC licensing – using the IRC in your work:

You will be able to use the IRC with groups and individuals, for workshops, trainings, and coaching.

You can create your own client accounts online, give your clients access to the questionnaire, and generate their IRC profiles whenever you want.

You can better identify your clients’ learning needs, giving them feedback and constructive advice for further competence development.

IRC licensing – making the investment as a trainer:

You can structure your content delivery around the competency approach with greater credibility.

Gain back your investment through enhanced offerings, customized training sessions, and coaching on competence development.

Participate in the IRC networking opportunities offered by IBI, including train-the-trainer workshops, free webinars, conference meetings and the IRC Licensing Group on LinkedIn. You will meet like-minded intercultural professionals who are committed to intercultural competence development.

Intercultural Readiness: The Book
Are expatriate managers with years of international experience truly more effective abroad than managers who have not been abroad? Are young members of the workforce interculturally more competent than older members? And are women indeed interculturally more gifted than men?...
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What our clients say
The IRC might be best likened to a compass, as it sets a clear direction toward development of one’s competences. I am continually amazed by how much can be achieved with the IRC in a one-hour coaching session.
Sundae Schneider-Bean, Swiss Post

Having the responsibilities to bring together people from different parts of the world I have found the IRC a very helpful tool.
Karen Lutz, SCA, HR Director Middle East and Africa.

The IRC is a fantastic tool to show people what exactly we mean with intercultural behavior. It shows where you are right now, and offers many ideas for informed measures and next steps. In our seminars and coaching, we don’t want to work without it anymore!
Ina Baum, Founder and Principal of Rød&Baum Consultancy

The IRC has added the intercultural competence perspective to our development centers for high potentials. From the start, participants have recognized the IRC feedback as valuable and informative; they welcome the IRC assessment as an opportunity to reflect about their current intercultural approach and how to improve it. The IRC has become a fixed element in our international development centers.
Karin Westpfahl, Corporate Human Resources, Personnel Development, Talent Management BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

Even if you are not working in an intercultural context, you will find that the competences described here are essential for executives and teams to turn the challenges of their complex and changing business context into opportunities for innovation.
Roger D. Lehman, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise, INSEAD
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